The overall goal of the Cosmic Visions Dark Energy meetings is to plan future directions in dark energy research, experiments, or facilities following the end of the construction phase of DESI and LSST, and identify/develop small-scale ideas to occur concurrently with DESI and LSST that would enhance dark energy science.

The specific goal of the November workshop is to collect and refine ideas targeting the overall goal. For the most promising, we will generate titles and abstracts for white papers to be submitted to the Decadal Survey planning hub and prepare one pagers to present to DOE.

The first workshop took place at the University of Chicago in September 2016 (http://kicp-workshops.uchicago.edu/FutureSurveys/) called “Future Cosmic Surveys” 

This workshop will be hosted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Plenary sessions to be held in the Auditorium in Building 50