White Paper Preparation

The overall goal of the Cosmic Visions Dark Energy meetings is to plan future directions in dark energy research, experiments, or facilities following the end of the construction phase of DESI and LSST, and identify/develop small-scale ideas to occur concurrently with DESI and LSST that would enhance dark energy science.

A specific goals for the November workshop is to generate a White Paper that focuses on small scale dark energy efforts that could enhance the dark energy science return of the P5 projects DESI and LSST. This White Paper will be submitted to the DOE by December 2017. The dark matter community delivered a similar White Paper earlier this year (arXiv:1707.04591). Our agenda (https://indico.hep.anl.gov/indico/conferenceOtherViews.py?view=standard&confId=1262) is geared toward the goal of making progress on this White Paper. For the parallel sessions the idea is to enable short talks and discussions during Tuesday’s sessions and to start outlining the White Paper during the Wednesday sessions. For each effort that will be listed in the white paper, the following information should be provided:

  • How will this effort enhance our current knowledge of dark energy?

  • How does the idea complement other efforts?

  • Cost estimate

  • Timeline

  • What are the key technical and logistical obstacles (if any)? (Examples: data sharing among collaborations, existence of an instrument, international engagements, etc)

In order to facilitate the parallel sessions, we assigned a few session leads that are listed on the agenda. Please start preparing possible ideas for the White Paper before the workshop and coordinate with the session leads.